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AUX™ Pocket - Lunar Blue Cordura

An award-winning, 3-in-1, minimalist bag for those that carry boldly.

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Made for everyday and not once in a blue moon, bolstr AUX Pocket 1.0 Lunar Blue is a small crossbody bag companion for denim aficionados and a tribute to those who know how to do blue.

  • Navy Blue Cordura®
  • Designed with BA7ANCE™
  • Pocket Research
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Made in USA

Carry what you need: Four (4) pockets for Smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, Air Pods, charging cables, but not much more.

Dimensions (Max): L 8" (203mm) x W 1.5" (38mm) x H 4.5" (114mm)

AUX Pocket 1.0 Pocketing is slightly different than 2.0 in a smaller overall format. 

For more information click on the tab below and be sure to visit AUX 2.0 details page.

AUX™ Pocket - Lunar Blue Cordura Bag bolstr Navy
AUX™ Pocket - Lunar Blue Cordura Sale price$ 97.00 USD